About Gypsy Junkies

Currently in it’s 12th year running, Gypsy Junkies, the Bohemian Clothing and Jewelry Company, was conceptualized by its mother muse and Original Gypsy, Cynthia Crighton. Cynthia was born in Brooklyn, New York. She had traveled all over the world, and her mind was naturally a melting pot of ideas, creativity, and inspirations. Prior to its small beginnings, Cynthia had found a love for jewelry making while living on the west coast of Laguna Beach—many had stopped her on the street and would buy jewelry right off her neck. She decided to make her passion a long-term pursuit and went into the clothing and jewelry business. Continuing to pull inspirations from travels and cultural inspirations, Gypsy Junkies continues to cater to the Western meets Bohemian Girl, mixed with rocker edge.

Leather Collection

The Leather Collection

With the new year rising, Gypsy Junkies has excitingly taken a new line of passion in 2015. Using only the finest quality of leather & materials, the company has added contemporary leather garments & accessories to their product line. Handmade by talented artisan craftsmanship in the USA, no two pieces will ever be exactly the same. From handbags, to belts, to boots, & more, be prepared to fall in love with pieces that embrace a Bohemian feel, shaped by highly unique & free-spirited aesthetics.